Ceremonial altar in Genshin Impact: where to find it, the blueprint

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Today we’ll talk about the Ceremonial Altar in the Genshin Impact: where to find it, the blueprint.


An ordinary shrine made of otoga. Shrines embody the belief of the people of Inazuma in the Shogun Raiden. For some people, praying at this shrine is the most important ceremony. Before this, they will carefully dress up and prepare themselves. For valiant and faithful servants of the shogunate, these shrines also serve as a warning that they should never forget the ideals of the shogun and be ready to sacrifice everything for their cause.

This item can be obtained in the cave unlocked in the “Heart of Watatsumi” quest of the Moon Abyss line.

Where to find the blueprint

Unlike many other decor items for the Serenity Kettle, the blueprint for the Ceremonial Altar cannot be purchased from the Spirit of the Kettle. It can be found during the final stage of the Moon Abyss world quest, where the player must break the seals in the cave.

Even if the chest with the blueprint was missed during the quest, you could return for it.

Go to the cave marked on the map. You can use the nearest teleport and fly from it in a glider: the dungeon is located not on the marked rock but at the lower levels.

Once in the cave, move to the left until you come across a pile of stones under the ledge.

A precious chest with two blueprints will be in the cache – the required “Ceremonial Altar” and “War Drum: Sound of Victory,” which is also helpful for decorating the Serenity Kettle.

How to get a Ceremonial Altar

First you need to collect eight pieces of otoga wood needed to create the altar. After that, go to the Serenity Kettle and talk to Puffy. The altar is made through the decorating menu.

In 14 hours, the furniture will be ready (you can ask your friends to go to the Kettle and speed up the crafting, then, the crafting will take 4 hours). This piece of décor also yields 60 Kettle Spirit trust points.

Crafting can also be sped up with the Adept’s Speed Vial.

Why a Ceremonial Altar is needed

The Ceremonial Altar is one of the Jade Wasteland Outdoor Placement Interior Gift Sets for Kaedehara Kazuhi.

Once the set has been arranged, place the character in the Kettle and use the “Invite” function to show the location.

After a short dialogue, the player will receive from him as a reward:

  • 20 Origin Stones;
  • 20,000 Mora;
  • One fragment of Vaiud’s turquoise.
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