Cloud grass fruit in Genshin Impact: where to find, map, why you need it

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Today we’ll talk about the Cloud Grass Fruit in Genshin Impact: where to find it, where to buy it, a map, and why you need it.

The Cloud Grass Fruit is one of Inazuma’s curiosities. The main use of this material is the elevation of the Raiden character. The fruit of the cloud grass can be found in the wild in the expanses of Teyvat.

The fruit of the Cloud Grass that grows on Seirai Island. If you bring it to your ear, you can hear a slight crackle of current.‎

Where to find Cloud Grass Fruit in Genshin Impact

This component is distributed throughout the island of Seirai. There are 70 fruits that can be found during one farming cycle (for 3 days, then the plants appear at the collection points again).

It should be noted that initially the central part of Seirai is covered by an Electro-dome, within which a Lightning Calamity is constantly operating. Characters entering inside are permanently damaged, making combat and farming much more difficult. You can get rid of this effect by completing the quest “Seirai’s Storm Hunters”.

The following are the main collection points where you can quickly get several fruits. Be sure to build your farming route through these locations.

At the village of Koseki

The required resource is located near the Koseki Village, where the necessary plants will be under a rock in a fairly large amount.

West of Fort Hiraumi

In the indicated place, it will not be difficult to find a whole field of cloudy grass for quick farming.

Form Hiraumi

Look for the Cloud Grass Fruit on the eastern island of Fort Hiraumi. The plant is located in the southern part, right on the shore.

Between Koseki Village and Hiraumi Fort

The plants are located in the southern part of the large island southwest of Fort Hiraumi. They are located near the water under the mountain.

East of Amakumo Peak

The plant is found on an island east of Amakumo Peak. Go down under the stairs connecting the two land areas.

West of Amakumo Peak

Note the small islands west of Amakumo Peak. They are located north of a large piece of land (see map marker). Look for a plant near a large rock.

Amakumo Peak

The cloud grass fruit grows almost the entire perimeter of the island with Amakumo Peak. Pay special attention to the small islands on the outside of this peak. In addition, you will find at least 3 points with a plant right in the center of the island territory.

Is it possible to grow in a teapot?

At the start of Update 2.1, the Gardening feature was added to the gameplay. However, the base set of seeds does not allow you to plant Cloud Grass in the Kettle of Serenity. Again, the range of seeds can be expanded over time as the functionality of Gardening is embedded in the gameplay forever.

What is Cloud Grass Fruit for

At the moment, this resource is used exclusively for the rise of Baal. To max out your character, you will need a huge amount of this material, so we decided to show its location to make it easier for you to collect it.

Perhaps in the future it will be added to some original dishes from Inazuma or offered to be used to upgrade other heroes and their talents.

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