Dragon Storm in Genshin Impact: how to get a spear, who suits it, description, leveling

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Hello, fans of Genshin Impact.

Today we’ll talk about the Dragonstorm in Genshin Impact: how to get a spear, which suits it, description, and leveling.


  • Rarity: 4*
  • Type: Spear
  • Attack Power: 41 – 454
  • Elemental Mastery: 48 – 220.5
  • Increases damage by 20/24/28/32/36% against enemies affected by Hydro or Pyro elements.

Dragon Storm is perfect for characters with Pyro and Hydro elements playing through elemental reactions. The spear is most easily opened in a group based on the reaction of steam.


“A spear adorned with a twisting golden dragon. Being light and sharp, this spear can easily kill a dragon.”

The legendary spear from Liyue. A dragon pattern covers the spear from base to tip. Previously, this spear was kept in a dragon-shaped sheath, but now there is no need to contain its power. The spear is capable of piercing anything that gets in its way.

It is said that Kunwu made the shaft of this spear from the backbone of a dragon and used a dragon claw for the tip.

It is impossible to break this spear, and the tip, cast with an ominous dragon radiance, is capable of piercing anything.

Once upon a time, there was a dragon slayer of incredible strength and courage who defied the wrath of the ocean and sea monsters. Many years after the disappearance of the dragon slayer, the pitiful wail of the dragon still sometimes lingers over the ocean. The dragon slayer has become a legend. But in the end, both the legendary warrior and his spear disappeared.

Freed from the shackles of its past, the spear showed its power again, heralding the dragon’s return to the sea.

How to get Dragonstorm in Genshin Impact

This weapon can drop in any banner. But it also happens in weapon event banners, where the chances of getting it are higher.

Leveling and elevation of the “Dragon Storm” weapon

Increasing weapon levels

To fully upgrade a weapon to level 90, you need 6,042,650 weapon experience points (about 605 Enchantment Magic Ore) and 605,000 mora.

Rise of arms

To fully Ascend Dragon Storm, you will need the following amount of materials:

  • Cloud Sea Lead Pill – 3
  • Cloud Sea Quicksilver Pill – 9
  • Cloud Sea Golden Pill – 9
  • Primo Elixir of the Cloudy Sea – 4
  • Mist Grass Pollen – 15
  • Bag of misty grass – 18
  • Bundle of misty grass – 27
  • Scroll of Divine Magic – 10
  • Scroll of Seal – 15
  • Scroll of Forbidden Curse – 18
  • In addition to the materials listed, you will also need 150,000 mora.

Who is the Dragon Storm spear for

Dragonstorm is a good and powerful weapon. At t5, it surpasses even 5* Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. But it doesn’t suit everyone. At the moment (patch 2.3), there are only two spearmen who this weapon is entirely suitable for:

  • Xiangling – powerful Pyro support dd;
  • Hu Tao – Pyro dd, possessing Pyro infusion;
  • Thoma is a Pyro support.

Both Xiangling and Hu Tao are usually paired with Hydro heroes and can easily maintain one of the two statuses to activate the passive spear skill. Thoma, on his own, does not maintain status well since he does not apply it all the time, but paired with another pyro character, he will do well with this spear.

The spear can also be offered to damage build characters such as Zhongli or Rosaria physically. But it will be more difficult for them to maintain the necessary statuses on enemies. In addition, the heroes have a craftable Crescent Pike.

How to play

While using this spear, you need to maintain the enemy’s Hydro or Pyro status to activate the weapon’s passive effect. You can play as in a mono elemental group, where all or at least three characters will be Pyro, or in a group playing through the reaction of steam (Hydro + Pyro). However, this is not a big problem since the heroes suitable for Dragon Storm are, in most cases, played in such combinations.

So, Hu Tao often plays with Xingqiu, which allows you to maintain both statuses on enemies.

Xiangling is used in many builds and often as a second Pyro character. However, the most popular build is Xiangling + Tartaglia, which also encourages the use of this spear.

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