Explore the bottom of the well in Genshin Impact: quest walkthrough, task, puzzle and rewards

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Today we’ll talk about the task Explore the bottom of the well in Genshin Impact: passing the quest, task, and puzzle.

  • Quest Type: World Quests
  • Description: A mysterious masked maiden stands by a strange statue of a fox, apparently, she wants to ask you something… Find the secret hidden in the village of Konda. The locals might want to tell you something. A lot of suspicious evidence has already been collected. It’s time to confront Village Chief Densuke.
  • Starting Location: Konda Village, Narukami Island, Inazuma
  • Next Quest: Sacrificial Offering world quest

How to get the quest “A Strange Case in the Village of Konda”

The addition of the Inazuma region to Genshin Impact 2.0 also added a very complex and lengthy world quest chain that begins with a quest called “A Strange Case in Konda Village”. This quest is part of the Purification of the Sacred Sakura world quest line. In our Genshin Impact guide, we’ll show you where to find the NPCs you need to talk to and how to complete the quest.

This quest is a must if you want to unlock the teleport point (at sea) and the dungeon next to the Infinite Mechanical Array boss.

Shortly after you leave Rita, you will see a girl wearing a kitsune mask with a blue exclamation point above her head. This is where the quest starts.


  • Perform an Electro Attack on the Celestial Kitsune Statue.
  • Go to the village of Konda.
  • Talk to the locals: Futaba, Simon Eri, Takeru, the village chief.
  • Examine 3 clues.
  • Make a deal with the elder.
  • Find the diary on the roof.
  • Defeat the Samurai and Treasure Thieves at the indicated location.
  • Dig up the old key.
  • Go down to the well of Konda village.
  • Explore the bottom of the well.
  • Activate the altars in the correct order.

Quest passage

After talking with Kazari, go to the village of Konda. Start investigating what’s going on there. You need to talk to the locals to unravel their secrets.

How to investigate

Be attentive to people’s words, especially if they are highlighted in blue.

There are four main NPCs to talk to:

  • girl Futaba (in the center near the drain);
  • her father is village chief Konda Densuke (next to the house on the other side of the ditch);
  • old woman Saimon Eri;
  • boy Takeru (on the roof of the last house).

After all the conversations, you need to start looking for evidence. Explore the locations indicated on the mini-map:

  • the lock of the well and next to it a broken wooden bucket;
  • debris in the middle of the river;
  • broken cart (you need to kill the hilichurls).

With all this, go to the headman to make a deal. You need to give it to him in sequence:

  • wallet;
  • bag with goods;
  • shabby list of goods.

After examining the evidence, climb onto the roof for the headman’s diary. After reading it, go to the area on the map. Paimon will immediately see the samurai looking for something. After defeating them, unearth the old key.

How to explore a well

Having received the key, you can go down into the well of the village of Konda and look around at the bottom. Stone boulders blocking the passage can be broken by a cryo-elemental character using his elemental attack.

Along the way, you can find an electric fairy and a couple of chests. There is also a Thunder Cherry Bough on the wooden structures that summons an Electro Granum. With it, you can pass through the barrier at the very bottom of the well.

How to solve the riddle at the bottom of the well

After passing through the barrier, the player will be in a cave. It’s definitely some kind of sanctuary. It has small structures that look like lamps. They must be cleared by inserting the amulet previously obtained by talking with Kazari.

After that, an electric symbol will appear in the nearby arch. It shows a catenary showing the order in which the lanterns next to the altar should be lit.

It is necessary to move starting from the one in which the amulet was laid. It is enough to click “Change Order” near the rest of the structures so that the required number of Electro-petals lights up above them.

After the prayer, the Ghost Warrior will appear from the well of the village of Konda. He must be killed. Kazari will come to the cave. She will report that she needs help in removing other barriers. The quest ends, and the Traveler with Paimon has a new task in the series – “Sacrifice”.

How to get out of the well

Exit the cave through the barrier under the ceiling (at the bottom there will be a branch of thunder sakura with Electrogranum). In the next room, there will be an Electrocool, which is undesirable to miss.

Do not hurry. Examine the room on the right by looking at all the crates and jugs to get:

valuables from a luxurious chest;

rusty key (needed to open the next sanctuary in the quest “Sacrifice”;

An ancient stele is needed to complete the quest “Farmer’s Treasures” (a separate passage will appear soon).

After that, you can go to the surface to the grate near the coast.


For successfully completing the quest “A Strange Case in the Village of Konda” in Genshin Impact, the player receives:

  • 40 Stones of Remembrance;
  • 20000 Mora;
  • 350 adventure points.

The rest of the quests in the Purification of the Sacred Cherry Blossom world quest in Genshin Impact:

  • Sacrifice;
  • Cleansing from filth;
  • Hayashi from Tanuki in the forest;
  • Purification of Yougou.
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