Freedom-Sworn in Genshin Impact: for whom, pumping, description of weapons

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Today we will talk about the Freedom-Sworn in Genshin Impact: for whom, pumping, description of weapons.

Characteristics of Freedom-Sworn

  • Rarity: 5*
  • Type: Sword
  • Attack Power: 46 – 608
  • Elemental Mastery: 43 – 198

Part of the Millennium Symphony that wanders among the winds. Increases damage dealt by 10%. Calling an elemental reaction grants the character one Talisman of Empowerment. It can occur once every 0.5 seconds, even when the character is in a squad but not active. Two collected Talismans of Empowerment disappear for 12 sec. granting nearby party members Millennium Symphony: Anthem of Rebellion, increasing the damage of your normal attack, charged attack, and falling attack by 16% and attack power by 20%. Within 20 sec. after activating the effect, Talismans of Encouragement will not appear. Millennium Symphony with effects that affect the same skills does not stack.

Weapon Description

“The color of this sword is reminiscent of ancient chants, and its sharpness is similar to the words of the oath of freedom taken in the realm of winds.”

Once everyone knew this song, and they raised their glasses to it and arranged a farewell: “If someone pulled out your tongue, you can sing with your eyes. If someone has deprived you of your eyes, you can see with your ears. If someone wants to steal the future, let him have a drink with us, because even if he dies tomorrow, this song will live for centuries.

It is said that the character of the region follows its Archon, and this is true for the landscape as well as for the people. But is it true that the free Archon, fighting evil, gave people love for wine and freedom? Or did people themselves in the midst of storms and storms cultivate a love for freedom in the Archon of the Wind? There is no longer an answer to this question.

But that song is often sung in dark times. Whether it was the time of the reign of the Storm King or the era of the overthrow of faith in the Archon by the rotten aristocracy, this song sounded in closed basements, in the darkness of the streets, in dilapidated taverns, and it fought back storms and tyranny, became an anthem for the rebellious heroes.

In the distant past, in a silent city besieged from all sides, a lyre sounded, and its song, along with hundreds of loud voices, broke the prison of fierce winds. A certain young man, a spirit, a shooter, a knight, and a red-haired wandering warrior stood in front of the tower, which rushed into the sky like a spear, and its shadow, long as the shadow of a giant, fell on the brave men, and they swore an oath that people would be free, that the end of the reign of the tyrant who lives at the top of the spire.

Those who were too weak to climb the tower sang a song that today can only be heard in the whispers of wind-sheltered corners of the city. And that song that everyone knew and to which they raised their glasses, shook the walls with its strength, cheering the heroes who decided to climb to the top … “If someone pulled out your tongue, you can sing with your eyes. If someone has deprived you of your eyes, you can see with your ears. But if someone wants to steal your song, your freedom, This is impossible – you hear! – cannot be forgiven!

How to get the Oath of Freedom weapon

Unfortunately, the Oath of Freedom weapon is currently unobtainable. Previously, this weapon was available in the Divine Incarnation prayer.

Which hero is best suited for Freedom-Sworn?

This sword is quite a specific weapon. On the one hand, it has a very strong passive effect that strengthens the entire group. On the other hand, Elemental Mastery is a stat that is useful to most characters, but only a few actually use it.

Consider the heroes who will need the Oath of Freedom:

Kazuha – is the perfect use of this weapon. Places powerful buffs on the team based on their Elemental Mastery. In addition, with the Emerald Shadow set, deals good damage from the dispel reaction.

Anemo Traveler – by itself does not have any dependence on Elemental Mastery, but being an Anemo character will receive additional damage from it in the Dispel reaction.

Electro Traveler – his role is basically a battery. No matter how hard you try to collect his Attack Power and Crits, the damage still comes out sad. So collecting Elemental Mastery will be easier and probably more efficient. And the group buff from the Oath of Freedom will never be superfluous.

Qiqi – She doesn’t really need Elemental Mastery, and she has enough Attack Power from the base and artifacts for her eyes. But the buff of the group will clearly increase its usefulness.

Keiya – is a support dd, she can carry this sword for the benefit of the whole group.

Jean – Anemo character with good damage, besides support.

As a potential user, Xingqiu can still be considered, but the Sacrificial Sword is actually too good for him.

Leveling and elevating weapons Oath of Freedom

Increasing weapon levels

To fully upgrade a weapon to level 90, you need 9,064,450 weapon experience points (that’s about 907 Magic Enhancement Ore) and 907,000 pestilences.

Rise of arms

In order to fully exalt the “Oath of Freedom” you will need the following amount of materials:

  • Lion’s Fang Shackles – 5
  • Chains of the Lion’s Fang – 14
  • Chains of the Lion’s Fang – 14
  • Lion’s Fang Dreams – 6
  • Chaos Device – 23
  • Chaos Chain – 27
  • Chaos Core – 41
  • Scroll of Divine Magic – 15
  • Scroll of Seal – 23
  • Scroll of Forbidden Curse – 27
  • In addition to the materials listed, you will also need 225,000 mora.
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