Heavenly Majesty in Genshin Impact: how to get who suits the sword, leveling, description

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Today we’ll talk about Heavenly Majesty in Genshin Impact: how to get, who suits the sword, leveling, and description.


Celestial Majesty in Genshin Impact is a two-handed blade from the Celestial Weapons series that contains a fragment of the story of the dragon Dvalin.

  • Rarity: 5*
  • Type: Two-handed sword
  • Attack Power: 48 – 679
  • Restore energy: 8% – 36.8%
  • Increases damage dealt by 8/10/12/14/16%. After activating an elemental blast, hits from normal or charged attacks launch an intangible blade that deals 80/100/120/140/160% damage to all enemies in its path. Lasts 20 seconds. or 8 intangible blades.


“A two-handed sword, a symbol of Dvalin’s power over the heavens. The breath of the dragon feeds him with the power of the heavens and winds”.

The courage that shook the heavens. An evil dragon born in the ancient realm of the Abyss was stripped of its wings by a proud servant of the winds.

In the distant past, the evil dragon Durin wished to take over the lands of Mondstadt and attacked the city to destroy all life.
The moaning of the forests and fields deserted without people awakened Archon Wind, who was sleeping deep in the forest.

He heard the prayers of people, incarnated, and called his faithful friend into this world. The Archon, who defended life and freedom, stood against evil shoulder to shoulder with the wind dragon.

In a fierce battle that shook the heavens, the wind dragon spread its six archon-blessed wings. Like a blade cutting through the air, the wind dragon ripped through Durin’s steel scales. Amid a fierce battle, the wind dragon, waving its claws sharp as the wind, Pierced through Durin’s body, driving the blade claws deep into his rotten flesh.

This battle shook the heavens, and even the fearless sun trembled with terror. Finally, Dwalin tore through Durin’s throat with sharp fangs. The wind dragon, blessed by the Archon, won the victory and defended Mondstadt and its inhabitants.
But he inadvertently swallowed Durin’s poisonous blood, and it slowly poisoned his body to the marrow of his bones.

Dwalin became a hero, but he was forced to spend his days alone. The poison corroding his body gave rise to malice.
The wind dragon has gone astray and succumbed to the temptations of the Abyss.
Dwalin turned evil. But blind rage and poison caused him unimaginable suffering until his former master came and quenched the pain. A close friend and new acquaintances, who banished evil thanks to their courage, restored the honest name of the wind dragon.

During the centuries that the dragon slept, the people of Mondstadt had time to forget about the glorious deeds of Dvalin.
But due to recent events, they remembered their six-winged protector. Blessed by the Archon of the Wind, led by the songs of Barbatos, and Surrounded by a thousand free winds, Dwalin finally soared into the skies.

How to get the weapon Heavenly Majesty

At the moment, the Heavenly Majesty weapon is available in the Incarnation of the Divine prayer.

Leveling and elevation of the weapon Heavenly Majesty

Increasing weapon levels

To fully upgrade a weapon to level 90, you need 9,064,450 weapon experience points (that’s about 907 Magic Enhancement Ore) and 907,000 mora.

Rise of arms

In order to fully elevate the “Heavenly Majesty” you will need the following amount of materials:

  • Arctic wolf milk tooth – 5
  • Cracked Arctic Wolf Tooth – 14
  • Broken Fang of an Arctic Wolf – 14
  • Arctic wolf nostalgia – 6
  • Branches of the arteries of the earth – 23
  • Leaves of the arteries of the earth – 27
  • Sprouts of arteries of the earth – 41
  • Slime secretions – 23
  • Slime concentrate – 27
  • In addition to the materials given, you will also need 225,000 mora.

Who suits

Celestial Majesty is a versatile blade that suits both main damage and support due to the passive increase in energy regeneration and high base damage. For some characters, it can even become an alternative to Wolf’s death.

  • Diluc – if there is no Wolf death, then you can use this option. High regular damage is ensured by energy recovery, allowing you to use the ult and receive Pyro infusion constantly. In addition, the passive damage buff will not be superfluous for him.
  • Razor is a good alternative to Doom on it. One of the passives related to energy recovery is supported by the sword and allows you to charge the elemental blast he needs much faster.
  • Noelle is a good option for her if you don’t have a defense-up blade. Greatness can suit her if Noelle has 6 constellations and is in the damage position – using her ult more often allows her to deal high Geo damage and heal the squad at the same time.
  • Xinyan – Greatness is worth taking if this character is used as a physical damage dealer. For her, the explosion of the elements is very important, causing physical damage, and, consequently, the restoration of energy. Combined with the bonuses she gains from using an elemental skill – enemy armor reduction, physical damage bonus, shield – the all damage passive becomes especially effective, as do intangible blades.
  • Chongyun is capable of dealing a decent amount of Cryo damage, and Elemental Burst is his main source if you don’t count Cryo Infusion. In the presence of the 2nd constellation, it can be used more often due to a decrease in the rollback time, which means that energy recovery is necessary.

How to play

To use Majesty effectively, you need a character that depends on elemental blast and relies on normal and charged attacks. For example, the owner of the blade is Razor. Using Thunder Fang will deal more damage at the time of activation, buff wolf spirit attacks, and give Razor the ability to deal area damage with intangible blades. The energy recovery from the sword, elemental skill, and passive from the 4th stage of the ascension will allow you to charge the ult again with great speed.

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