How to get the Storytelling Method in Genshin Impact

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Hello, Genshin Impact fans.

Today we will talk about how to get the Storytelling Method in Genshin Impact.

In Genshin Impact, storytelling methods are an Inazuma World mission in which you will once again need to help Junkichi with his creative problem. The mission itself is not very difficult, but there may be problems with getting it, as you will have to complete several specific actions. In this guide, we will tell you which ones.

How to start the quest “Storytelling Method”

We’ll note that the opening of this quest is linked to certain daily errands that fall out at random. However, it is possible to increase the probability of the necessary tasks falling out. Open the Adventurer’s Guide (the book icon in the upper right corner of the screen) and then go to the “Tasks” tab and select Inazuma in the desired region.

Next, you will need to wait for specific instructions and perform a series of actions as part of them. Below are the detailed instructions:

  • The first thing to do is to wait for an assignment titled “Is this really… an outstanding novel?” When Junkichi asks you who you think is right, him or Shigeru, then agree with Shigeru’s words. You will need to complete this mission at least two times (some players note that you need to complete it at least 3 to 4 times).
  • After a few days (weeks if you’re not lucky), you should receive the mission “Does this novel… look familiar?” When Junkichi asks you to bring him three novels, Give him the Literature Club book. Don’t give him any other books, as you probably won’t be able to start the world quest later on. Then choose the next dialog option, “Apparently, I can’t change his mind…”.

If you have completed all the conditions correctly, a blue exclamation mark will appear almost immediately above Junkichi, indicating that he can now give you the world assignment “Storytelling Method.”

Note: It is possible that in some cases you also need to pass a 3rd quest called “Doubtful… affair?”. To get it, you must agree with Junkichi’s opinion.

Passing the quest “Storytelling Method”

So, talk to Junkichi and Shigeru again, who will be discussing a ninja novel. We can help them by listening to the story and playing the role of the main character. Follow the writer’s instructions to get the trophy (it may open without following the rules).

Hear Junkichi’s story

You’ll find yourself in a small dungeon you’ve probably been to before. Jump down and perform a fall attack to smash the floor. Enter the hall and try to stay out of sight of the guards. Go to the stairs in front and climb them to the top floor.

Turn right and activate the lever on the wall to lower the wooden ladder. Climb up the wooden ladder. There will be treasure chests up ahead, but they are actually empty, so don’t deviate from the Junkichi scenario. Instead, interact with another lever to lower the second ladder. Climb even higher.

Once at the top, examine the fake tree in front. This completes the challenge so that you can go back. There are no chests or valuables in the room ahead. There you will only have to fight a few enemies.

Talk to Junkichi and Shigeru again to complete the quest. You will receive 100 adventure points, 30,000 mora, and 6 hero experiences as a reward. You will also unlock the “At least Ends” achievement.


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