How to get to Inazuma in Genshin Impact: no quest, fast, up to rank 30

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Hello, fans of Genshin Impact!

Today we’ll talk about how to get to Inazuma in Genshin Impact: without a task, quickly, up to rank 30.

Inazuma (稲妻 Inazuma, “Lightning”) is one of the Seven Kingdoms of Teiwat. It is a country that worships the Electro Archon, Raiden Ei, and the leader of the country’s ruling faction, Bakufu Inazuma. According to in-game data, Inazuma is located 4 kilometers southeast of Liyue Harbor.

Reach Inazuma without an Adventure Rank 30

Recently, a rather interesting bug was discovered in the game Genshin Impact, allowing players to reach Inazuma even without reaching adventure rank 30.

To get to Inazuma without the bug, players need to reach Adventure Rank 30 and progress a little further in the main story. However, the user under the nickname “dezeadmf” was able to get into the new region even with an adventure rank of 9. This user shared a video proving that their account did not meet the standard requirements for reaching Inazuma while their character was on Narukami Island.

According to “dezeadmf”, they were helped to reach the island by the ice bridges created by Keia. Once they reached the thunderstorm that was preventing players from reaching Inazuma via the ice bridges, they paused the game, disconnected their internet connection, unpaused, sailed on, then briefly reconnected again. This process was repeated until they reached the island.

This process is indeed as complicated as it may seem. According to this user, it took them about six or seven hours to implement this method, as they often made critical mistakes in the middle of their journey, forcing them to start over. After the player succeeded, he reached Adventure Rank 16 and was even able to invite other players to the session to see his low-level character making it to Inazuma in person.

In the meantime, other players have already reported that they have crossed the sea, joining their forces and forming a fairly long ice bridge, protecting each other from a thunderstorm along the way. However, “dezeadmf” was able to complete this entire journey on his own, which made his feat all the more impressive.

Basic requirements to unlock access to Inazuma

In order to be able to start the series of quests leading to Inazuma, you need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 30 (or higher);
  • Complete the quests from the prologue of the Archons Quest Volume II “Autumn Wind, Crimson Leaves”.

In this step, you will learn more about the new Inazuma region, its ruler, and the electro nation. After preparation, it will be possible to go to explore new territories.

The prologue quest chain “Autumn Wind, Crimson Leaves” includes the following quests

“Way through the storm”

How to complete the quest:

  • Go to the teleportation point in Li Yue and talk to Paimon on the spot;
  • Speak with Akatsuka at Li Yue Harbor Port and ask her for directions to Inazuma;
  • Talk to Bei Dou on Alcor;
  • Find a fighting arena;
  • Talk to the three contestants;
  • Contact Zhu Han – the receptionist of the participants in the fighting arena.

“Fighting Tournament of the Southern Cross”

How to complete the quest:

  • Contact Zhu Han – the receptionist of the participants in the fighting arena;
  • Fight with the participants of the tournament and defeat them. During the battle, the main character automatically changes his element to Anemo if you previously selected Geo. If defeated, return to the arena and start
    completing quests first;
  • Talk to Bei Dou;
  • Wait for your opponent in the semi-final of the competition to be designated;
  • Talk to Bei Dou;
  • Contact Zhu Han – the receptionist of the participants in the fighting arena;
  • Win the semi-final;
  • Find and talk to Rong Shi;
  • Get more information about the next opponent (x1);
  • Get more information about the next opponent (x2);
  • Get more information about the next opponent (x3) from Kazuha and Bei Dou;
  • Follow Kazuha;
  • Talk to Kazuha;
  • Fight monsters;
  • Talk to Kazuha again.

“In the Way of the Wind”

How to complete the quest:

  • Return to the arena to engage in the final showdown;
  • Look into the box, where the reward to the winner should lie – the inactive Eye of God;
  • Head towards the current of the wind;
  • Fly to the small island and use the next wind current;
  • Talk to Kazuha about the clues you found;
  • Keep chasing the thief with the wind current;
  • Fight the Treasure Thieves;
  • Talk to the thief who stole the inactive Eye of God;
  • Defeat the thief;
  • Talk to the thief who stole the inactive God’s Eye again;
  • Hear what Kazuha has to say;
  • Appeal to Kazuha again;
  • Return to the fighting arena.
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