Narukami Trail in Genshin Impact: How to Start and Pass

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Hello, Genshin Impact fans.

Today let’s talk about Narukami Trail in Genshin Impact: How to Start and Pass.

In Genshin Impact, Trail of Narukami is a quest of the world of Inazuma in which you will need to help Neko, the cat in search of an abbess named Hibiki. The quest itself is not very difficult. However, certain conditions must be met to obtain it. We should add that the She and Her Cat achievement is awarded for completing this mission.

How to start the Narukami Trail quest

To do so, you will have to fulfill several certain conditions, namely:

  • Complete the world quest called “Seirai Thunderhunters,” where you will meet your furry friend.
  • Complete the “Neko the Cat” quest chain, in which new missions are given out every calendar day.
  • Complete Neko’s daily quests “Cat Tracks,” “Sanctuary General Cleaning,” and “Smell of Fish,” with the first two likely to be completed at least twice each.

The third requirement will be the hardest for you to complete since errands in the game are randomly assigned. However, you can slightly increase the probability of getting the required quest by selecting Inadzuma in the desired regions column in the adventurer’s guide.

After completing the necessary commissions, a blue exclamation mark should appear above Neko. Chat with her to take the required task.

Walking the Narukami Trail Quest

Go to the Great Narukami Shrine

After talking to your furry pal, teleport to Kamisato’s estate located on Narukami Island. Follow the quest marker to reach the wooden archway, under which another conversation with Neko will take place.

Now you can move to the temple itself at the top of the mountain. Walk to the central area near the tree and talk to the cat again. Next, you will need to ask a priestess named Inagi Hotomi standing nearby about everything.

Return to Seirai with Neko

After getting the information you need, leave the temple, heading back to Kamisato’s manor. After a brief cutscene, agree to take the cat back. Return to her shrine and talk to the temporary abbess again.

This completes the quest and rewards you with 100 adventure points, five hero experiences, and 20,000 mora. In addition, you will unlock the secret Inazuma trophy, for which you get five source stones.


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