Nautical atlas in Genshin Impact: for whom it suits, how to get it

Genshin Impact

Hello, fans of Genshin Impact.

Today we will talk about the Nautical atlas in Genshin Impact: for whom it suits, and how to get it.

Catalysts are one of five possible weapons that characters can use in Genshin Impact. Due to their magical nature, all normal and charged attacks performed with a catalyst deal elemental (elemental) damage. The element of damage corresponds to the aspect of the character / Eye of God.

Normal attack
A Catalyst user’s normal attack can be a single target attack or an area attack, depending on the character’s talent. Each attack applies an element of the attacker to the target.

Charged attack
The charged attack of Catalyst users usually consumes a certain amount of stamina and produces a more robust area of ​​effect or focused attack.

Sea Card is a four-star catalyst with 44 base damage. The weapon increases the elemental damage bonus by 8-16% for 10 seconds after activating the primary reaction. The effect stacks up to 2 times.

A weapon that is not very impressive in terms of strength, but which, however, will help out if you have no other options. The main thing is to use elemental abilities in time and point them at the most vulnerable targets.


  • Rarity: 4*
  • Type: Catalyst
  • Attack Power: 44 – 567
  • Elemental Mastery: 24 – 110.3
  • Within ten sec., after invoking an elemental reaction, increases the introductory damage bonus by 8/10/12/14/16%. It can stack up to 2 times.

Who is Genshin Impact Nautical Atlas for?

Catalyst has average base damage, so Nautical Atlas is not the best option for a primary damage dealer. Elemental Mastery in the Bonus Stat and Elemental Damage Increase in the Passive allow you to use your weapon effectively. Character-reactors.

The characteristics of the Sea Atlas allow it to be used on almost all characters with this type of weapon because they always deal elemental damage. More attention should be paid to squad selection to increase the options for possible reactions.

How to play with Nautical Atlas

You need to select a character and equip the Nautical Atlas to start the game.
In Genshin Impact, Elemental Mastery grants an additional multiplier for elemental damage from reactions. The following strategy is suitable for playing with the Nautical Atlas:

  • We impose an essential status on the enemy (for example, use the Xing Qiu skill);
  • A character with the Sea Atlas completes the reaction with their important skill.

As a result, we get additional reaction damage due to the mastery of the elements and an increase in the character’s attack using the catalyst.

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