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Today we’ll talk about Tartaglia in Genshin Impact: artifacts, how old, and character guide.

Childe Tartaglia is the first playable character of the Fatui faction, and that’s already saying a lot. Despite his status, he is not as bad as you might think and allows you to look at this grouping differently. His unique Hydro ability allows him to switch from bow to melee combat. And do not be surprised if they call him Childe – this is his title, and his real name is Ajax.

General information

  • Date added to the game: 11/11/2020
  • Rarity: ★★★★★
  • Character Gender: Male
  • Element: Hydro (Water)
  • Weapon: Bow (small)
  • When celebrates a birthday: July 20 (19-21 years old)
  • Belongs to the category: Fatui
  • Where to get the character: With a certain chance from a prayer
  • Special Dish: “Extreme Fishing”
  • Constellation name: “Celestial Whale”
  • Home region: Teyvat Snezhnaya
  • Voiced by: (JA) Ryohei Kimura, (EN) Griffin Burns

Advantages and disadvantages


Ability to change the attack mode from ranged to melee;
Various Elemental Explosions depending on combat stance;
Hydro damage on melee attacks.


The difficulty of using the elemental skill;
To fully unlock the potential requires pumping constellations.

Talents and skills of the character Tartaglia

Parting Rain:

Normal attack:
Up to six bow shots.

Charged Attack:
A more accurate aimed shot with increased damage.
During aiming, the arrowhead is charged with water energy. An arrow fully charged with water deals Hydro damage and inflicts the Ebb status on the enemy.

Low tide:
Some of Tartaglia’s attacks against enemies with the Ebb status deal Hydro damage in an area. This damage is considered to be dealt with by a normal attack.

  • Ebb-Flash: A fully charged Aimed Shot at an Ebb-status enemy deals sequential Hydro damage in an area. Happens every 0.7 seconds.
  • Ebb Surge: Defeating an enemy with the Ebb status causes a Hydro Surge that applies the Ebb status to surrounding enemies.

Fall attack:
Launches a hail of arrows in the air that deal area damage when the character lands.
Tartaglia cannot make a falling attack while in melee stance Spirit Form: Raging Waves.

Spirit Form: Raging Waves
Elemental Skill

Tartaglia unleashes pure water blades that deal Hydro damage to surrounding enemies and activate a melee stance.
In this stance, Tartaglia’s normal and charged attacks deal Hydro damage that cannot be countered by any elemental infusion, and are modified as follows:

Normal attack:
Up to six hits with Hydro Blades.

Charged Attack:
A cross-strike that deals Hydro damage and consumes a certain amount of stamina.

Melee attacks against enemies with the Ebb status trigger an Ebb Strike that deals Hydro damage in an area. This damage counts as elemental skill damage. Ebb-blow does not occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.

Tartaglia returns to a back stance after 30 seconds. or when reactivating the skill, and the skill itself goes into a rollback. The longer Tartaglia was in the close stance, the longer the cooldown time of the skill will be.

The rollback time is increased if the return to the far stance occurred after 30 seconds.

He adopted a bow to hone his marksmanship, but a serious fight may require drawing a blade…

Chaos: Devastation

The explosion of the elements.

The attack made is determined by the stance Tartaglia is in.

Far Stance – Chaos Blast:

Tartaglia fires a water-infused arrow that deals AoE Hydro damage and inflicts Ebb on enemies.

After activation, the skill restores some of the energy.

Near Stance – Light of Doom:

Tartaglia performs a spinning attack that deals massive Hydro damage to surrounding enemies and applies the Ebb-Blast status to them.


An attack by Light of Doom that hits enemies with the Ebb status removes this status from them while causing Hydro explosions that deal Hydro damage in an area. The Ebb-Blast damage counts as elemental damage.

In his snowy homeland, seething streams of water are not common. Perhaps Tartaglia’s ability to control water is due to an understanding of how precious it is.

The torture never ends

Passive Talent

Increases the duration of the Low Tide status by 8 seconds.

Water sword

Passive Talent

While in the melee stance of the skill Spirit Form: Raging Waves and during a crit. hit by a normal or charged attack, the enemy receives the Ebb status.

Mastery of weapons

Passive Talent

Increases the average attack level of the characters in your squad by 1.

Assembly for the main hydro DPS


Thunder Pulse (Bow)

The weapon increases attack power by 20%~40% and gives the hero the effect of Thunder Emblem. Light attack damage is increased by:

12%~24% – Level 1 Emblems;
24%~48% – Level 2 Emblems;
40%~80% – Level 2 Emblems.

The hero receives 1 level. Thunder Emblem on the condition that it deals elemental damage with a normal attack (Emblem duration 5 seconds), uses an elemental explosion (Emblem duration 10 seconds), or its elemental energy level drops below 100%. In the latter case, the effect of the Thunder Emblem persists until the elemental energy is restored to its maximum. Please note that the duration of each level of the Thunder Emblem is calculated individually

Additional characteristics: Critical Damage

Alternative to Thunder Pulse

If you haven’t received Thunder Pulse yet, you can replace this weapon with one of the bows shown in the table below.

Sky wing

Increases critical damage by 20~40%. Hitting an enemy has a 60~100% chance to deal 125% Physical AOE damage (procs every 2~4 seconds)

Green bow

When dealing damage with Normal/Charged Attacks, you have a 50% chance to summon a Cyclone that pulls in monsters and deals 40%~80% damage to them every half second. The cyclone lasts 4 seconds and can only spawn once every 14~10 seconds.

Rusty bow

Increases normal attack damage by 40~80%, but reduces damage dealt by Aimed Shot by 10%.


Heart of the Deep (4 items)

2 items: Increases the damage bonus of Hydro’s elemental abilities by 15%

4 items: Increases damage dealt with charged/normal attacks by 30% for 15 seconds after casting an elemental skill.

Build for additional DPS


Stringless (bow)

24~48% increased Elemental Ability and Elemental Explosion Damage

Additional characteristics
Elemental Mastery

Alternative to Stringless

If you haven’t obtained the Stringless yet, you can replace this weapon with one of the bows shown in the table below.

Sky wing

Increases critical damage by 20~40%. Hitting an enemy has a 60~100% chance to deal 125% Physical AOE damage (procs every 2~4 seconds)

Favonius Warbow

Crete. Attacks have a 60~100% chance to summon elemental particles that restore 6 damage to the hero. energy. The effect triggers every 6~12 seconds.

Raven Bow

Increases damage dealt to enemies affected by pyro or hydro effects by 12~23%.


Ancient Noble Ceremony (2 items)

Increases damage bonus from Hydro’s elemental abilities by 15%.

Heart of the Deep (2 items)

Increases elemental explosion damage by 20%.

A squad of Paid Heroes


  • Tartaglia. Will deal direct damage backed up by elemental reactions from Fischl and Beidou.

Additional DPS

  • Fischl. Will speed up Bay Doe’s ultimate charge buildup, deal additional damage, and also allow the “Charged” reaction to being generated even if not the active hero (thanks to Oz).
  • Beidou. Will deal damage when all of Tartaglia’s abilities are on cooldown. Creates an Electro Shield that deals damage over time to enemies and generates the “Charged” reaction


  • Bennet. Will buff allies and provide healing.

A squad of free heroes


  • Tartaglia. Will become the main damage dealer in the squad, and deal decent damage thanks to the Evaporate reaction caused by the combination of his Hydro and Pyro from Xiangling.

Additional DPS

  • Xiangling. Inflicts the “Pyro” effect on enemies and deals additional damage.
  • Amber. Provides Pyro Resonance and deals additional damage.


  • Barbara. Will heal allies and increase Hydro’s damage if you have unlocked her 2nd constellation – Surge. If you equip Barbara with the Epic of the Dragonslayer catalyst, the main and secondary DPS will receive an increase in attack power when switching characters.

Other options

If desired, you can combine the following heroes with Tartaglia:

  • Xingqiu. If necessary, it will perform the functions of a healer, and increase the efficiency of the main healer in the squad due to Hydro Resonance, which gives + 30% to the received treatment.
  • Zhongli. It will deal decent additional damage, do a good job as a secondary damage dealer, protect allies with a shield and lower the elemental/physical resistance of opponents.
  • Rosaria. Excellent DPS with high attack speed. Pairs well with heroes of different elements, especially with Hydro. By combining the abilities of Tartaglia and Rosaria, you can freeze enemies to gain additional advantages on the battlefield.
  • Albedo. It will speed up the accumulation of energy of Zhong Li’s ultimate, deal additional damage, and also increase the skill of allies thanks to the Homuncular Nature talent.
    Lisa. A good free replacement for Fischl and Bei Dou. Deals decent Electro damage and will make it possible to activate various elemental reactions, for example, “Charged” in conjunction with Tartaglia, Xing Qiu, or Barbara.
  • Xinyan. Can replace Xiang Ling or Ember. Protects allies with a shield, deals decent elemental damage, and has a strong elemental blast that inflicts Pyro on multiple monsters at the same time.

Each character has powerful elemental abilities and will be useful in different situations. If these heroes are not in your collection, for now, replace them with others with the same elements.

Materials for leveling talents and ascension of Tartaglia

Rise of Tartaglia – List of materials:

  • Level 20

20 thousand mora
Private chevron – 3 pcs.
Varunada Lapis Lazuli Shard – 1 pc.
Star shell – 3 pcs.

  • Level 40

40 thousand mora
Private chevron – 15 pcs.
Varunada lapis lazuli fragment – 3 pcs.
Star shell – 10 pcs.
Cleansing Heart – 2 pcs.

  • Level 50

60 thousand mora
Chevron of a sergeant – 12 pcs.
Varunada lapis lazuli fragment – ​​6 pcs.
Star shell – 20 pcs.
Cleansing Heart – 4 pcs.

  • Level 60

80 thousand mora
Chevron of a sergeant – 18 pcs.
A piece of Varunada lapis lazuli – 3 pcs.
Star shell – 30 pcs.
Cleansing Heart – 8 pcs.

  • Level 70

100 thousand mora
Officer’s chevron – 12 pcs.
A piece of Varunada lapis lazuli – 6 pcs.
Star shell – 45 pcs.
Cleansing Heart – 12 pcs.

  • Level 80

120 thousand mora
Officer’s chevron – 24 pcs.
Precious lapis lazuli Varunada – 6 pcs.
Star shell – 60 pcs.
Cleansing Heart – 20 pcs.

Where to get materials for the rise of Tartaglia:

  • Cleansing Heart is a drop from the Oceanid boss.
  • Star Shell – can be harvested in Li Yue’s territory.
  • Chevrons – looted from Fatui monsters (Sniper, Agent, Magician).
  • Varunada Lapis Lazuli – Dropped from Hydro Hystasis, Oceanid, Dwalin, Storm Terror, Ancient Geovishap, and Azhdha. It can also be bought at the Mondstadt souvenir shop and Li Yue for Anemo or Geo seal.

Leveling Tartaglia’s talents

To upgrade the hero’s talents, you will need:

  • Devil Sword Shard from Childe, Harbinger of Fatui
  • Private’s chevron
  • Sergeant’s Chevron
  • Officer’s Chevron
  • Teachings about “Freedom”
  • Instructions for “Freedom”
  • Philosophy about “Freedom”
  • Chevrons drop from Fatui monsters, and scrolls drop from the Forgotten Canyon dungeon on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Constellation Tartaglia

The recommended constellation is No. 1 “The form of the spirit. Stopping water.” Reduces the cooldown of Spirit Form: Raging Waves by 20%.

All constellations of the hero

No. 1 “The form of the spirit. Stopping water.” Reduces the cooldown of Spirit Form: Raging Waves by 20%.

No. 2 “The form of the spirit. Hidden current. When an enemy affected by Ebb dies, Tartaglia gains 4 damage. elemental energy.

No. 3 “Chaos of the Abyss. Source of unrest.” Increases the level of Spirit Form: Raging Waves by 3.

No. 4 “Chaos of the Abyss. Hydro spout. While Spiritforms: Raging Waves is active, enemies affected by Ebb will take periodic damage from Ebb-Strike every 4 seconds. Otherwise, ebb-flash is triggered. Ebb effects caused by a constellation are not subject to the normal duration limits, and they do not have any effects in those time slots.

No. 5 “Chaos. Shapeless Blade.” Increases the level of Chaos: Devastation by 3.

No. 6 “Chaos. Hunting for angels. After using the ability “Chaos: Devastation”, the cooldown of “Spirit form: Raging Waves” is reset to zero. The constellation effect only triggers when Tartaglia switches to a ranged stance.

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