Three boxes in Genshin Impact – the Princess Box, Priest Box, and Scribe Box: where to find, how to open

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Hello, fans of Genshin Impact!

Today we’ll talk about three Dragonridge boxes in Genshin Impact: Princess, Priest, and Scribe, where to find them, and how to open them.

The secret door is in the Starlight Cave located in the Dragon Massif Ministry. To open it, you will need to find three boxes.

How to open the secret door in Starlight Cavern

You have probably already visited the cave if you previously melted the frozen fragments to open the Vindagnir Peak dungeon. However, when performing this task, you descended deeper into the level. In our case, we need to go up.

Follow the sloping road leading up to the top of the cave network. In the end, you will see a ledge protruding in the opposite direction. This is the path to the secret door. If you follow the usual path, you will run into a Ruin Grader.

However, three items are required to unlock the secret door: Princess, Priest, and Scribe Box.

Where to find the Princess box

I’m afraid I won’t be able to finish the fresco. I haven’t seen clear skies and green meadows for so long. I don’t know what blue and green paints I should use to capture the melting snow that my father so dreams of. By his return, everything will be back to what it was. But I can’t take this cold anymore. Forgive me, father, forgive my frivolity. Imunlaukr, I only hope that I can see you again…

On the island, east of the snow-covered path, you will find a sword stuck in the ground. He is what you need. After activation, two waves of monsters await you: in the first one cryo mage, in the second cryo and hydro. You have only 60 seconds to fight. Immediately at the beginning of the battle, a snowstorm begins, so before the battle, it is advisable to reset the level of severe frost to zero. After the victory, a chest will appear in which you will find the princess’s box.

Where to find the Priest’s box

I thought the young would grow up strong and resilient like cypress trees. But these cypresses are about to wither. Their voices no longer carry on the wind. My expectations and their faith in me were not justified. I’ll climb to the top again, looking for directions. When I return, my daughter will finish painting the second wall. Only if the third shows the melting of snow and ice, everything will be fine.

The priest’s box can be found in a dilapidated tower, not far from Albedo’s laboratory.

Where to find the Clerk’s box

I want this frosty sky to burn and burn until there is no living soul left in the world. I wish the wind picked up our ashes and carried them to the foreigner who left the princess. I wish that the black dragon from the princess’s dreams will cover the earth with a cloud of scarlet poison. For I am left alone. There is no one else to bear your debt. I heard about people who are building a new nation without gods. Perhaps they have the strength to resist this world.

Just below the teleporter, in the east of Starlight Cave, there is a monument. When interacting with him, Paimon will offer to put flowers. We put 3 cecilia and a luxurious chest appears containing the clerk’s box.

What’s in the Secret Room in Dragon Ridge

Now that you have all three boxes, go to the secret door.

Inside you will find 1 Luxury Crimson Agate Chest, 1 Precious Chest, and 1 Rich Chest (buried on the left side of the cave), as well as a stone tablet with an ancient inscription (you will learn how to get the Snowflake Starsilver sword at the link).

For receiving rewards, the achievement “Priest, Princess and Scribe” awaits you.

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