Zhongli in Genshin Impact: who is, how tall, how old, how to get, character guide

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Hello, fans of Genshin Impact.

Today we’ll talk about Zhongli in Genshin Impact: who is, how tall, how old, how to get, and character guide.

The enigmatic consultant of the Wangsheng Ritual Bureau, Zhongli, has a calm disposition, excellent manners and an incredible knowledge of history and geology – why this is, you probably already know from the story quests (and if not, we will not spoil the surprise for you). He owns a spear and the power of the Geo element: due to this, Zhongli can become excellent support, but if desired, he can also be turned into the primary damage dealer.

General information

  • Date added to the game 01.12.2020
  • Rarity 5*
  • Gender of the hero Male
  • Geo Release (Earth)
  • Weapon Spear (polearm)
  • When celebrates a birthday on December 31 (> 6000 years)
  • Belongs to the category Ritual Bureau “Wangsheng,” Archon
  • Where to get a character With a certain chance from a prayer
    Bamboo Stewed Pork Soup Special
  • The name of the constellation is “Lord of the Stone.”
  • Teyvat’s home region Li Yue
  • voice acting
    (JA) Tomoaki Maeno
    (EN) Keith Silverstein

ZhongLi’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • A durable shield with a short cooldown that allows you to keep it on the character almost without interruption.
  • The ultimate deals massive Geo damage in an area and also turns enemies into stone statues for a few seconds, preventing them from moving and interrupting their attacks.
  • An essential skill can drain a Geo element from enemies – this is useful against Hilichurls with stone shields or, for example, Geo-Samachurls with their towers.


  • Low typical attack damage.
  • Low generation of elemental particles.
  • It depends on positioning near their Stone Steles.
  • It’s possible to accidentally climb onto the Stone Stele if you’re sprinting near it and lose precious seconds.

Zhong Li Talent Leveling

To upgrade the hero’s talents, you will need:

  • Sky Whale Horn from Childe, Harbinger of Fatui
  • slime slime
  • Slime secretions
  • slime concentrate
  • Teachings about “Gold”
  • Instructions about “Gold”
  • Philosophy about “Gold”
  • Slimes are obtained from the monsters of the same name, and scrolls are obtained from the Taishanfu Dungeon on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.
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