How do you have a divorce in the Sims 4: all ways to divorce your husband or wife

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In The Sims 4 universe, we have the possibility not only to make happy families, binding them by marriage but also to separate them by divorce.

In this article, we will tell you about three ways how to divorce in The Sims 4 to make your Sims free from annoying romantic relationships.

Legitimate ways

Within the game, several ways to divorce your hated spouse exists.

Downgrading a romantic relationship

In order to divorce your husband or wife in Sims 4, you need to ruin the romantic relationship scale with him or her.

While interacting with your spouse, choose only those actions that are in the category of pranks and mischief, for example:

  • start a fight,
  • invite her to a fictitious party,
  • joking around with handshakes with a current,
  • to frighten,
  • create a ridiculous rumor, etc.

While performing sneaky actions, the romantic relationship scale will begin to drop precipitously, and eventually, you will be faced with the “Break the relationship” choice.

And next to the text will be a broken heart, indicating the breakup of the family.

Once clicked, the characters will experience the painful experience of divorce for a couple of game days.


You may not do the chore of reducing the romance scale, but make it fall to the right place on its own.

To do this, make a situation where your sim catches his partner cheating.

It is not necessary to wait until the character is engaged in wooing with a lover/lover, it is enough to see a simple kiss to be able to select the “Break Relationship” action immediately.

This method is suitable not only for characters in a married relationship but also for those who have only recently announced their engagement.

Note that in this case, in addition to the painful separation, the sim will also feel hatred towards his partner.

Negative emotions can lead your sim into a real depression, so resort to this option only if you need to divorce in Sims 4 as soon as possible.


The cruelest way to divorce is to kill your partner by any means, such as death by starvation, cold, sunlight (if your character is a vampire), loneliness, etc.

So soon as the sim dies, the character automatically becomes free, having been in mourning from the departure of his beloved for a couple of days.

Using the cheat code

To worsen the relationship in a married couple, you do not have to follow legitimate ways.

In the game The Sims 4 there is a special code that will deteriorate the relationship scale of the selected characters to the desired level.

In order to apply this action, you need to enter the cheat code:

  • Open the game console with the key combination Ctrl+Shift+C.
  • Enter the code for the development: TestingCheats true.
  • After that, reopen the game console Ctrl+Shift+C.
  • Enter ModifyRelationship Name1 Name2 -100 LTR_Romance_Main.

Note that instead of Name1 Name2 you need to write the names of your characters in any order, and in place of the number -100 select any value between -100 and +100.

After entering the cheat code, the entered characters will drop the romance scale and you can select “Break Relationship”, giving the sims the opportunity to become free.

Using the mod

Divorce in Sims 4 is not very well developed, so many players decided to join forces and create a mod “Realistic Divorce”.

After installing and applying the mod scenarios, Sims in the game will have the opportunity to immediately “Ask for divorce” regardless of whether the scale of romantic feelings is low or high.

As soon as you announce your partner’s divorce in the family mailbox or on the computer, it will be possible to send a request for a character divorce.

There will be a fee if you have applied to the appropriate authorities, or a free fee if you have prepared them yourself with a little effort.

After filing on the second or third day, you must go to the mailbox and pick up the documents (you can also do this on your phone or computer).

After reading them, your sim will get a sad muzzlelet and spoil your mood.

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