How do you hire a maid in Sims 4: features and advice

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Sometimes in the house or apartment, sims have no one to clean because they are too busy or just lazy. In these situations, you can hire a cleaner in Sims 4, which will take care of household chores.

Housekeepers in the game can be different. The conditions of employment, the quality of the maid, and the payment per hour affect the following factors:

  1. Features of the location,
  2. Character traits of the maid herself,
  3. The presence of certain DLC.

In this article, we will tell you how to hire a fairy housekeeper and organize the cleaning so that everything around is shiny with cleanliness, and native sims are not lost in mountains of garbage or unwashed plates.

How to hire

In Sims 4 you can hire a maid by following these steps:

  1. Click on your phone and there select the cabin icon. Scroll to the bottom of the list and you will find the “Order Service” option.
  2. Next, in the pop-up window, you can hire a housekeeper in Sims 4. In the game, she is referred to as “maid”. The maid can be called once or every day. The service costs 40 simoleons, an hour of cleaning – 20 simoleons. That is, the more sims made a mess, the more expensive cleaning will cost.

The procedure will remain the same, regardless of whether you need to clean a student in a dorm or need to ensure the cleanliness of his home.

If there is not enough money in the family budget to pay for a maid, the bill for her work will be added to the utility bills. In this case, the housekeeper may even refuse to clean until she is paid.

How to Hire a Good Maid

There is no special staff trait in the game that allows Sims to clean more thoroughly or faster than any member of the family. Even if a maid has the “Cleaner” trait, that doesn’t mean she’ll clean better.

Housekeepers in Sims 4 – although they are non-playable characters from the city, they still have certain character traits and life needs. They can sometimes have an impact on the results of their work.

Improve the relationship

The quality of a maid’s work in Sims 4 is affected by her basic and life-acquired character traits, as well as her live performance. If the latter requires attention, the character will first meet the needs and then proceed to clean up.

If for some reason the work of the maid is not satisfied, you can try to establish a relationship with her, using options for interactions from the “Friendly” and “Fun” category.


What kind of staff doesn’t love plushies and perks? There isn’t one! So it’s highly advisable to regularly reward your “Granny Zina” for a job well done. Give your employee a small tip after your shift.

He will be glad of the attention to his person and will try to work better next time!

How to hire another maid

Sometimes it happens that the relationship is established, and the cleaner in Sims 4 still performs poorly. In this case, try to fire her and hire a new one. There is a chance that the second time the agency “Union of maids” will send you a more experienced and attentive employee.

Fire the housekeeper in Sims 4, you can also like to hire:

  1. Click on your phone and on the housekeeper icon, find the “Refuse Housekeeper” option. Then call for another worker.
  2. Click on the housekeeper or cleaner itself and select “Fire”.

The option is available only if the Sim knows the worker. Say hello to the character before dismissing him this way if you have never been in contact with him before.

Features for campuses and apartments

Housekeepers in Sims 4 for different locations come from the same agency, but there are still some nuances to their work.

  • Living in a dormitory, you can use housekeepers absolutely free of charge. The housekeeper will come every weekend and put things in order. She does not wash the dishes and throw out the trash, the characters will have to do it on their own.
  • In the DLC “Life in the City” the apartments added special properties to the area. They are assigned randomly and cannot be replaced. Among them, you can find the property “Apartment with services”, in such a dwelling a cleaner comes every day and cleans for free.
  • If you purchased the “Not a Dustbin” set in Sims 4, then the duties of the cleaners will include cleaning dust with a vacuum cleaner.
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