How to Adopt a Child in Sims 4: detailed instruction

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In real life, adopting a child is a huge step. It takes months and sometimes years of paperwork, checks, and meetings with the right people to reach the final goal. However, in Sims 4 you can adopt a child with a few clicks.

Features of the process

Although the whole adoption process in Sims 4 is not complicated, there are some things you should pay attention to:

You will need 1,000 simoleons. If you don’t have that kind of money, you won’t be able to take the little miracle out of the orphanage.

You cannot know what kind of child you will end up with. In this variant, it is impossible to choose the skills and abilities of your future child, and the number of candidates will be limited to 12 variants. So when choosing your child you just have to rely on chance.

Please note that the list of children is updated daily, and you can wait for the next day if none of the children are interested.

  • You can’t take home teenagers. In Sims 4 there is an opportunity to adopt only children or toddlers. Also, you must stick to the family limit of eight people, otherwise, the game won’t allow a new member to join.
  • To adopt a new family member, your character must be at least young.
  • After adoption, remember to keep an eye on the baby’s needs if you don’t want to see a guardianship service suddenly show up on your doorstep.

Detailed instruction

After you run Sims 4, you need to install a computer or laptop. If there is no one of these types of equipment, use the phone.

In order to adopt or adopt a child in Sims 4, you need:

  • Sit down at your computer/laptop or ask an older character to pull out their cell phone.
  • Left-click on “Hire a Service” (if phone) or “Family” (if computer).
  • Several tabs will appear in front of you. Select the “Adopt a child” option.


  • A list of available children for adoption with different genders and ages will appear. Choose the one you like best. Remember, you can only adopt one baby per call.


  • Before the baby comes into the home, you can set a new name for the baby or leave the old name as a reminder of the baby’s past.


  • Once you have chosen a candidate for adoption, then wait a while. As if by magic, the newly minted sim child will appear in your home with one-third of the relationship scale filled in with his or her parents.

Note that once adopted, the baby will be listed as your son/daughter, giving not even a shred of doubt about non-blood ties.



The Dependent Quest

You may have already encountered the task of “adopting as a dependent”.

This simply means that you need to take your future child out of the orphanage.

We have detailed how to do this above.

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