How to adopt a dog in Sims 4: buy, create or take from the street, cheat codes

Sims 4

To make sure your Sim didn’t get lonely in the big virtual world, the “Cats and Dogs” expansion added the possibility to get a four-legged friend to the game. The Sim audience was at the same time divided into dog owners and cat owners.

If you want to get a dog in the Sims 4, in this article we will detail all the ways you can do it. On how to get a cat in the Sims, we have previously written a separate article.

Creating in CAS

You can create a dog in Sims 4 in the Pet Creation Editor. To do this you need to:

  • Click on the “+” sign in the bottom left corner of the screen,
  • Select the item “Add”.

You can then turn your pet creation fantasies into reality and choose unique character traits and personality traits for your four-legged friend, his physique, breed, appearance, and clothing.

Sims 4 has added 147 dog breeds, big and small. That’s an absolute record for the series.

How to buy a dog

If you want to do a good deed, you can call the animal shelter and adopt a dog in Sims 4. This is the best way to get a dog since you only need a laptop or mobile phone.

This service is not free and costs 200 simoleons, so it’s also the same as buying a dog.

To buy a dog in this way in Sims 4 you need:

  1. Click on the phone next to the image of the character and select the “Order Service” option.
  2. A pop-up notification will appear. Scroll down the page until you find the “Adopt a pet” option.

  3. In the window that opens, select the dog you would like to adopt. All currently available options are presented as a list. Each pet on the list has a name. Hover over the pet’s face to see the breed, age (puppy or adult), gender, accepting children, and more.

  4. Select the dog or puppy you want to take in and then click on the box below.

  5. Your social worker will bring the puppy in a crate for you to pick up. Your Sim will be able to spend some time with the potential family member before taking him or her on for good.

  6. To adopt a dog, click on “Adopt a family”. A pop-up will appear asking, “Are you sure you want to adopt this pet?” All that’s left to do to buy a dog in Sims 4 is to click ‘Ok’.

After that, remember to talk to the social worker and complete the acceptance assessment.

If you want to change its name to something else, you can do so in the menu window.

Don’t forget to buy everything you need for your dog so that he doesn’t need anything and is happy.

How to adopt a stray animal

It is also possible to get a pet for free in the game if you meet a stray dog anywhere around.

In locations with the Cat Encounter Point and Dog Encounter Point features, the chance of encountering a stray animal is increased.

To find out if an animal is homeless or on the loose, hover your mouse over it. If the word “Stray pet” appears in red font above the name, it means it doesn’t have a home. If it doesn’t, it means the dog has a home in Sims 4.

How to take in a pet

Your Sim can make friends with a stray four-legged creature and then take it home with him.

If the character has the “Dog/Cat Lovers” trait, he will be able to make friends with animals more quickly.

To become a friend to a dog you must:

  1. Perform a few friendly actions (pet the dog, praise it, give it a treat, etc.).
  2. Once you have made friends, you can click on the “Foster” action.

The cute little animal is now a member of your family.

Found pups may breed in the future. If you don’t plan to breed puppies, it’s best to have the foundling spayed or neutered.

Cheat code

You can also get a dog in Sims 4 by using the cheat code. To do so:

  1. Open the game console with the Ctrl+Shift+C key combination.
  2. Then enter the developer code itself: Testingcheats true.
  3. Then find the pet you want to tame and Shift+LKM-click on it.
  4. In the window that appears, click on “Add to Family”.

Now you know how to buy or adopt a dog in Sims 4. Life sims with it will become a lot more fun and interesting. Don’t forget to give them love and attention so your new family members won’t get bored.

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