How to expand a plot in Sims 4: increasing the area in construction mode, in the editor and by cheat codes

Sims 4

In Sims 4, the developers have paid a lot of attention to the construction mode. During construction, you may have a problem when there is not enough space to place certain objects or buildings. Although the building spaces in the game have different sizes, sometimes you want to expand them by placing even more objects. In this article, we will look at all the ways you can increase the area in Sims 4.


Plot size can’t be changed directly in Sims 4 because of the game engine’s limitations. So if you want to expand any particular place in the location, to do so simply and easily does not work. The only way out is to choose the maximum area for the building right away.

The largest of those you can choose, with an area of 50×50, are in Willow Creek, and in Oasis Spring.


If you have already built a house in another location, to increase the size of the plot underneath it in Sims 4 you can move it to another location. To do this:

  1. Open the plot you want to move in building mode.
  2. Click on each room in the house and save it in your library.
  3. Go to worlds management and open the one on which you want to place the building.
  4. Go to your gallery to place each room in another world in the same configuration as before.

It may not be very quick, but it’s not too difficult either. If you spend a little time, it will all work out.

Changing properties

Another alternative is to buy a second plot in Sims 4. You can do this if you have the “In the Restaurant” add-on. In this case, you can buy a plot as if under the future business, and then use the cheat code bb.enablefreebuild to change its type to “residential” in the “Construction” mode.

This won’t increase the size of the first in any way, but will allow you to build something else on the second.

Sims 4 Studio

While you can not expand the size of the plot in Sims 4 directly if it was made smaller by the developers, you can try to create your own space with the right area in Sims 4 Studio.

Before you start, be sure to back up your world files.


  1. Open the file of the world you want to resize the plot to. It is best to start with Sylvan’s Glade World, as it only contains 1 plot, which is easy to find. That’s where we’ll practice.
  2. Copy the file GD_RBH_glade_01 from the game folder to Program Files(x86) -> Origin Games -> The Sims 4 -> Data -> Shared -> World -> Areas.
  3. It is needed, as you can edit world files directly from within the folder Program files. You will have to copy it to any other folder first, and then when you make changes, move the already remade file with a different size back into the game folder. Replace the original one.
  4. Find the world data file, and then in the left column click “Edit Elements” opposite the line ObjectManagers.
  5. Click on the first line in the EditObjectManager window that opens (the last line always contains data about the objects in the worlds).

  6. Then edit the desired area. As there is only 1 in Sylvan Glade, in this case, we need to edit the first file. When there are more lots in the selected world, you will need to find the one you want. By poking around and looking at its length and width. How to do this see the next point.

  7. Click on the left side of the editor in the ObjectManagerLotData column, on the “Edit” button, and edit the item. This stores information about how big the plot is in Sims 4 and its location.
  8. To reduce or increase the areas in Sims 4, change the X and Z values to the desired values. For example, in X (0F) you can write 40, and in Z (0A) also – 40.
  9. In the same window, in the right column at the bottom, there is a button “LotDataPosition” (and Rotation). It allows you to change the position in the world. You can try to change these values as well. It requires some experimentation, as if you set the wrong coordinates, the edited location can be outside the selected world and will not be visible. If you only want to increase the size of the area in Sims 4 or reduce it slightly, you don’t need to do this. So you can skip this point.
  10. Save the new values by clicking on the “Save” button in the bottom right corner.
  11. Copy the world file you edited back to the game folder under -> The Sims 4 -> Data -> Shared -> World -> Areas.
  12. Test the new settings in the game. They may not show up on the schematic map, but the width and length should change in the game.

The largest size is 64×64. If you make it larger, compatibility problems may occur due to the nature of the game engine.

This is a rather time-consuming method, where you will have to do a lot by trial and error.

After all your efforts, the game may suddenly stop working and have to be reinstalled, so use it very carefully.

Cheat codes

Although you can find information on the internet that plot sizes in Sims 4 can be changed by the code “AddLotSize”, this is incorrect. This cheat applies to Sims 3 and cannot be used in Sims 4.

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