How to get confident in sims 4: 13 ways to gain self-confidence

Sims 4

Confidence is an emotion that makes sims more daring in their choice of words and actions. When a character is confident or very confident, they get bonuses and extra options in social situations as well as new actions.

In this article we’ll talk about all the ways how to become confident in Sims 4.

Unique perks

As well as the obvious talent boosts in writing and visual arts, any Sim with this confidence whoever they are gets unique interactions with those around them. These are:

  • Bold flirting.
  • A polite kiss.
  • Telling an incredible story.
  • Bragging muscles.
  • Suggesting an adventure.

In a number of professions, the muzzle will be particularly useful. These are:

  • Business.
  • Criminal.
  • Salesman.
  • Undercover agent.

In addition, new item interactions open up. These are:

  • Drawing confidently (with an easel).
  • Peeing like a champ (with a toilet). There is no difference in the action animations.
  • Running with your chest out (on a treadmill)
  • Admiring yourself and self-improvement (with a mirror).

There are 13 ways to make your character confident in Sims 4 without using cheats, just by activating the in-game mechanics.

Learning a skill or character trait

You can get the mood you want for your character by learning the level of any skill. In addition to the emotion, you’ll get a mood muzzle, which shows that the character is proud of himself and his skills.

Assigning the character trait ‘Confident’ to a character gives even more bonuses. Sims with this trait:

  • Randomly receive a mood of the same name.
  • Can “Suggest a crazy plan” to other characters when in doubt.
  • Don’t get nervous about applying to universities like the others do.

In addition to the trait of the same name, Persians with several other character traits can also help you become confident in Sims 4:

  1. Jealous – after becoming convinced of their romantic partner.
  2. Snobs will feel that way around other snobs characters.
  3. Bros – while watching a sporting event.
  4. Angry characters – after winning a fight.
  5. Ambitious – after joining people at work.
  6. Geek characters – after finding a collectible.

Quick Ways

If confidence is needed here and now in Sims 4, you can try the following ways:

  1. Select any sink on the Sims’ property and the “Brush Your Teeth” option. The right setting will bring a delightful fresh breath.
  2. You can go to any mirror and select the “Get your thoughts together” option.
  3. The following drinks from the bar will give you confidence: Spicy Salty, Sea of Fire, Heat and Smoke. Need an all-night set.
  4. Buy an instant Confidence Potion from the Reward Shop.
  5. Read books on motivation. They can be written by a writer in a confident state.
  6. Win a fight.
  7. Catch a big fish.
  8. Do woohoo in space on a rocket.
  9. Have a successful party.
  10. Drink an extract from a ruminant plant.
  11. Teach another Sim something.

Upgrade your skills

  1. To improve your charisma skill, walk up to any mirror and select ‘Rehearse Speech’. This will not only work on your charisma, but also give you a nice confidence boost.
  2. If your character is good at writing books, finishing a novel will give him or her a boost of confidence. To improve your writing skills, go to your computer and select ‘Practice Writing’.
  3. If there is an easel, you can let him finish drawing a picture.
  4. After working out, you can get in the mood by letting the sim know she’s slim or by beating the punching bag (at fitness level 2).
  5. Play a prank on someone on the phone while developing the Pranks skill.
  6. Play a game of chess with another character and win. The sim will get a muzzlelet for 4 hours for winning.
  7. If the character has a level 2 programming skill, creating a plugin will help him feel confident and earn some money. To create a plug-in, click on the computer and select ‘Create plug-in’. Refining the plug-in also gives you that vibe.
  8. Perform a guitar solo.
  9. Repair an item or cook a meal with a pumped up cooking skill.

Other ways

You can also become confident in Sims 4 in very unusual ways:

  1. If a fire breaks out on your or a neighbour’s property, send your Sim to extinguish it. After a successful outcome, he will get the right mood for 12 hours.
  2. You can also trigger the desired mood by looking at illustrations. To do this, visit a museum in search of works of art or draw them yourself.
  3. To get the mood going, help your child with their homework.
  4. For the next method, you’ll need a Tea Magic Personal Brewer, which you can buy in the kitchen appliance section of the builder’s shop for 220 Simoleons. For the right result, brew and drink some Earl Grey or bergamot tea.

Special items

You can give characters certain items that radiate an aura of confidence, which can be ‘turned on’ as needed. These are:

  • computer “Database”,
  • “Sports star” poster,
  • the “Executive” throne,
  • the “Flight Control Centre” desk,
    monolith, etc.

Cheat codes

It is possible to get a confident mood in Sims 4 by using cheat codes. Before entering them into the console, remember to activate cheat mode by typing “Testingcheats true”. The console is opened with Ctrl+Shift+C.

There are two cheats:

  • Sims.add_buff e_buff_confident – gives a muzzle for 12 hours.
  • Sims.add_buff ConfidentHigh – muzzle indefinitely.
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