How to have a baby at the hospital in Sims 4: guide to pregnancy and babies

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It’s not hard to give birth in the hospital in Sims 4 if you know how. The advantages are obvious because you can see some new scenes in the hospital and get some goodies when you return home.

In this article, we will tell you how to find out if your water has broken and it’s time, and also how to go to the maternity hospital and what to do there.

Where is the maternity hospital?

The birth of a child is a beautiful moment for Sims parents. Dad-sim usually has a pre-pregnancy panic, rushing from corner to corner and not knowing how to help his beloved. The same Sim feels terrible discomfort because as soon as possible wants to cuddle his baby!

A separate hospital in Sims 4 has no – characters to give birth in the general maternity ward hospital. About its location, we wrote here.

How to go into labor

First of all, keep a close eye on Simca’s trimesters so that you can go to a specialized medical facility in time for medical help.

Tracking the progress of your pregnancy is easy by observing your pacifier mudlet.

It tells you:

  • what trimester it is,
  • how is the symphony feeling at the moment,
  • when the next period is coming.

When the orange notification appears it means that there are three sim hours before the birth and you need to hurry up if you want to give birth in Sims 4 in the hospital.

If a crib is purchased, the sim can give birth at home. If there is no crib at home, the only thing to do is to go to the maternity hospital.

To make it work:

To do this, click on the sim, and under “Other Options,” select “Give birth in the hospital.”

Then select the “Join” option in the pop-up window.

Before going to Sims 4, you will be able to choose your attendants, after which you will go on your way.

How the birth takes place: peculiarities

  1. The Sim with the chaperones will arrive at the place at once. She will be met by the lady at the reception.
  2. She has an appointment to see an obstetrician. Click on the health care provider and select “Make an appointment.
  3. After a bit of paperwork, the patient will go to the delivery room, where the doctor will use a strange device to help the baby come into the world.
  4. After that, in Sims 4 child can be given a name. If there are several children, the windows will pop up one by one. This usually happens if your character has the character trait “Many children”. The maximum number of children you can have at a time is 3.

After giving birth the character will automatically go home.

Pros of hospital birth

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth giving birth in the hospital in Sims 4:

  • you can not buy a cradle, because when you come back from the hospital, the baby will immediately lie in it;
  • you can take attendants for support;
  • the hospital provides the birth certificate. It will be in the character’s luggage.

Home birth or under the supervision of a doctor in the hospital – you decide, and the final result will not be affected by the choice.

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