How to quit your job in Sims 4: 3 ways

Sims 4

There are times in everyone’s life when you realize that the existing lifestyle is unsatisfactory and something needs to change. The characters in Sims 4 can also easily be tempted to quit their jobs. There can be various reasons, such as lack of enjoyment from the position, lack of promotion aspirations, low salary, and so on.

There are several easy ways to quit your job in Sims 4.

The first way

This option is the most basic, as all you have to do is fire your character yourself.

To do this you will need to do the following:

  1. Open your mobile phone and go to the menu.
  2. In the list that appears, tap on the third sign in the form of the “Family” house.
  3. Select “Quit” among the other options that appear in the additional menu.
  4. Your Sim will make a call to her boss and announce her decision to quit.
  5. In the game window that appears, confirm your action by selecting “Quit job”.

Congratulations, you are now an unemployed character!

The second way

This option differs from the first one in that you will not be officially dismissed at your own request but by force.

For this you already have to:

  1. Be absent from your place of work as often as possible;
  2. If you have already got there don’t do anything at your workplace (don’t work overtime and don’t work very hard).

The effect is immediate and you will be rewarded for your hard work with a long-awaited dismissal.

The third way: using a cheat code

You don’t have to follow legitimate ways to fire your character from your job.

There is a special code in Sims 4 that will help make your character unemployed in just a couple of steps.

In order to fire your Sim from his job, you will need to enter the cheat code:

  1. Open the game console with the key combination Ctrl+Shift+C.
  2. Enter the cheat code: TestingCheats true.
  3. Press Enter to confirm.
  4. Open the game console again and enter Careers.remove_career Doctor. Instead of Doctor, type the name of the appropriate job.
  5. Press Enter to apply the code.
  6. Close the console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C again.

After confirming the cheat, the sim automatically becomes unemployed and you can easily get your character a new work.

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