How to shave in Sims 4: how to get rid of body and facial hair

Sims 4

Throughout Sims’ existence, the developers have only provided the ability to change a hair on men and only on the face. However, many players were not happy with this approach, so they even started creating special mods.

With update 1.90.358 in Sims 4, which was released simultaneously with the High School add-on, the developers finally introduced the body hair that so many players were looking forward to, not only for men but for women as well.

Why you need to shave

The new shaving feature has added extensive functionality to the gameplay. The hair has become more than just an ornament for the sims, but a feature that needs to be taken care of particularly carefully.

You can choose your hair in the character creation menu, where you also have the ability to switch the speed at which your hair grows.

Hair will grow on all parts of the body: arms, stomach, back, legs, and face.

There are three types of vegetation and color options for body hair, so your imagination is not particularly limited.

It is interesting that hair in members of the same family can appear on the body at random, regardless of their kinship.

In Sims 4, shaving is necessary to maintain hygienic procedures to ensure the sim’s cleanliness and emotional comfort, as extensive vegetation will make the characters feel uncomfortable.

They will have unhappy mulettes that spoil the mood of the characters.

To get rid of hair, you can resort to using a razor.

Body and Facial Hair Settings

You can choose how much body and facial hair your sim will have, just like with normal head hair. There are several different options, varying in area and strength. In addition to the hairless option, there are three options for arm hair, six for torso hair, three for back hair, three for leg hair, and 27 for facial hair options to choose from.

Changing your preferred hair option will reset your sim’s current hair growth, so keep this in mind if you decide to change it a bit. If you have the High School Years expansion pack, you will also be able to include hair growth.

How to shave

Shaving is a permanent procedure in The Sims 4, as the hair has the ability to grow back over a period of time chosen by the player.

In order to shave your face or other body parts in The Sims 4, you need to perform the following actions:

Go to the bathroom or shower.
Select the “Shave”.
In front of you will appear two options:

Shave to your preferred length. You can shave all body parts to your preferred length when you select this option.

Shave all. In this case, you shave to a smooth finish, removing all hair.

To shave facial hair, interact with a mirror.

Features of shaving

We would like to point out that after shaving, the hair will grow back and, if you didn’t choose their time of regrowth, the chance of hair regrowth varies from two hours to several days.

After shaving, there’s a chance of getting a negative muzzle if it’s unsuccessful.

This muzzle will add one point to the uncomfortable mood of the sim, making it a bit of a mess. The muzzle description says that each character struggles with occasional scratches and cuts from shaving, which are not too hard to deal with.

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