Sims 4 Immortality: 12 ways to make a Sim immortal from the original game and add-ons

Sims 4

Although in reality death is inevitable, in Sims 4 immortality is an achievable thing. You can defeat death in several different ways, in this article we will explain and show each of them in detail.

Game settings

The easiest way to make Sims immortal in Sims 4 is to use the time settings available to us by default. To do this, we need to:

  1. Go to “Game Settings” and then select “Game”.
  2. In the list that appears, find the “Character Lifespan” tab and select the high option there. This choice will extend the life of the Sim as much as possible, giving him more opportunities to realize his potential.
  3. You can also freeze the aging time by selecting the “No” option in the same “Automatic Aging” item.

Note that when aging time is stopped, Persians will not be able to have and bear children, and existing children in the family will not be able to grow up, forever remaining at their age.

A potion of youth

Another way to make your character immortal in Sims 4 is the Potion of Youth. You can buy it at the bounty shop for 1500 points.

The potion will make an elderly Persian person younger, and thus postpone his death from old age by several more time cycles. Consumption on a regular basis may lead to immortality.

It is important to note that the Youth Potion will not save your Sim from a sudden death such as lightning strikes.


Ambrosia is a dish with two miraculous powers: resurrection and rejuvenation.

It will nullify the age scale, so an elderly Sim cannot be made an adult, only immediately young. If you want a Sim to stay young forever, feed him ragweed a couple of days before he grows up.

Book of Life

Immortality in Sims 4 can be achieved by using the Book of Life, which is able to save any Sims from death by giving them a second life.

In order to obtain it you must:

  1. Reach level 10 in writing skills, thereby completing the life goal “Popular Author” (Writer’s Career).
  2. The character will then be able to write the Book of Life on their computer.

  3. Once written, all that remains is to “Capture the Legendary History” of the sim you wish to resurrect in the future.

Note that to resurrect, the book must be used on a Persian who is still alive, otherwise this method will not work.

As soon as the sim on which the book of life was used dies, the owner needs to use his creation to resurrect.

To do this:

  • Click on the book.
  • Select “Recall”.

It will appear in the form of a ghost, with which a friendly relationship still needs to be built up for it to eventually turn into a human being.

Gobbler and Life Extract

The next way to become immortal in Sims 4 is suitable for evil Sims because in order to use it, you need to sacrifice another Sim to the gum plant. This can be any Persian in your family, as well as someone else’s.

Become a vampire or werewolf

This option is only available with the Vampire and Werewolf add-ons installed. Both stop aging after the ‘adult’ stage.


  1. Vampires can die, however, not from old age, but from the sun, so try to avoid direct sunlight or accumulate the necessary amount of points and then save yourself from the danger of turning to ash by pumping up a special vampire skill.
  2. In order to gain immortality when playing as a werewolf, you need to upgrade your abilities to level 5 and get the skill ‘Immortal Wolf’ (Natural Healing must be unlocked).

The gift of a mother plant

With the release of the Strangerville add-on, players now have another way to make a character immortal in Sims 4, by receiving the gift of a mother plant.

You can find it in the lab, starting the journey to find out the mystery of Strangerville. In order to receive the gift, you must be friends with the Mother by interacting and communicating with her.

Once the relationship scale is friendly, ask for the Whimsical Fruit, which will increase the life expectancy of the Sim.

Flower of Death

If the character is dead and death is already on the doorstep, the Sim can pay it off with the Death Flower in their inventory. This method can only be used in The Sims 4: The Seasons add-on.

You can obtain the Flower of Death in two ways:

  1. Grown on the plot. This requires two plants: an orchid and a pomegranate, which like the flower are hybrid (consisting of several other plants). You can get them in various ways, either as a reward for collecting or by growing components on your plot.
  2. Enter a special code in the developer panel – objects.gsi_create_obj 0x1010C.

Anti-aging serum

The Anti-Aging Serum is now available to create in The Sims 4: Go to Work add-on. With it, a Persian who has a level 10 scientist skill can create a “Rejuvenation” serum, which will return the Sim to the first day of his or her age scale.

Sim can also “multiply” the anti-aging serum in the cloning machine by making it after level 10 skill level of scientist.

Immortality Potion

In The Sims 4: World of Magic, spellcasters can brew an Immortality Potion that will prevent them from dying of old age.

For its preparation you will need:

  • Mandragora,
  • Salvia,
  • Diamond
  • Morcubus.

Your potions skill level must be at least ‘Connoisseur’.

Cheat code

If looking for some items is lazy, you can use the console. To enter a code for immortality in Sims 4 you need:

  1. Open the game console with the key combination Ctrl+Shift+C.
  2. Enter the developer code: TestingCheats true.
  3. Press Enter to confirm.
  4. Reopen the game console and enter cas.fulleditmode.
  5. Press Enter to confirm.
  6. Right-click on the sim and select “Change character status”.
  7. Go to CAS and change the sim to any of the possible ages.

The sim will then instantly become the age that was selected in the creation menu.


The last way to get eternal life in Sims 4 is to download the mod “MC Command Center by Deaderpool”. To do so:

  1. Install the mod according to the instructions
  2. Right-click on your Sims, select “MCCC” and then the “Sims Menu” function.
  3. In the list that appears, click on “Choose age”,
  4. Select “Immortality”.

This way you can not only make the life of the Sim infinite, but also change the age, both to rejuvenate and to age your Persian.

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