Starlight Ceremony in Sims 4: How to get to the award and get the award yourself

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The Starlight Awards in Sims 4 is a high-profile event not to be missed by any Sim who aspires to world fame. Well, or if he follows his favorite stars as a devoted fan of their work.

This event is designed specifically to reward characters for their career and creative achievements. You can find out about the start of the ceremony from the calendar; it usually starts at 6 p.m. on Sunday and takes place at the Del Sol Valley location called “Studio PBP.”

If none of the characters have at least the first level of fame, you may not even know about the event.

How to watch the ceremony without participating in it

As you know, in Sims 4 the award ceremony takes place in the PBB Studio, the entrance to which is guarded.

In case the sim is not nominated himself and just wants to be happy for his fellow celebrities to get there, you can try the following ways:

  • bribe the guard at the entrance,
  • win a fight with him.

All of them not only do not provide a guarantee of passage, but also can affect the reputation (public opinion) of the character.

How to watch legally

An easy way to watch Starlight Ceremony in Sims 4 is to increase your fame level.

Make sure it’s not turned off in the game settings (Dial Settings section).

How to get famous fast

A couple of tips to help maintain or increase your fame level in Sims 4 without any cheats:

  • Start a career as an actor and actively work on the set;
  • get involved in drawing pictures and selling them to collectors;
  • write bestselling science fiction, biographical, mystical, or emotional books;
    Make music;
  • make excellent quality videos (a career in “media production”);
  • don’t forget about acquiring fame point bonuses in the process of becoming famous;
  • keep an eye on your reputation;
  • it also helps to keep a simstagram and a cue with a fame boost icon next to it.

Fame levels must be maintained at all times, or they will drop, as evidenced by messages on the notification board.

How to get an award

To get the Starlight Prize in Sims 4, a Sim must be nominated for it. First, let’s understand who is nominated in general. There are five nominations in total:

  • Actor.
  • Songwriter.
  • Painter.
  • Video blogger.
  • Writer of books.

After receiving the announcement of the nomination, wait until the day of the ceremony, make sure the character is invited, and start packing, putting other things aside for later.

Wear your best outfit, pamper your sim with something tasty, meet all your needs, and go in advance (a couple of hours is ideal).

It’s better to arrive early and wait, because if you’re late, they might not let you in.

At exactly 6:00 p.m., the Sim will get the message that it’s time to take a seat in the hall and wait for the beginning.

Take a seat and listen carefully to the host who will be announcing the nominees. You will be notified of the nominees and award recipients. Don’t miss yourself!

After each of the awards, the character will get distracted and do something else. Watch for the character to concentrate on the ceremony and not to miss his award.

To get the Starlight Award in Sims 4, just click on the microphone and click “Accept Award”.

Sim will go to the microphone, thank you for the victory, and say a few warm words.

How to increase the odds

Here are some tips on how to get a Starlight Award in Sims 4 with a higher probability.


Sims who have chosen a career as a film celebrity need to:

  • Develop an acting skill;
  • Advance in a career as an actor;
  • Show condescension to fans;
  • Make commercials and movies;
  • Finish every day on the set with gold or at least silver (complete tasks to the maximum).

The more gold (silver) you get in a high budget project, the better your chances (30-50%) of getting nominated.


In order to come to success sooner, musicians must:

  • Master perfectly one or more musical instruments of their choice: DJ booth, guitar, piano, violin;
    try to be inspired;
  • Compose compositions regularly and sell the rights to them;
  • Try different themes and genres for composing.

Regularity in songwriting gives you a 60% chance of being nominated for a Starlight Award in Sims 4.


To get recognition for a Sim’s accomplishments in painting you must:

  • Raise the painting skill to a maximum of 10th;
  • Draw pictures in different styles and sizes;
  • Sell their art to a collector.

Paintings sold worth 2,500 simoleons give a 60% chance of being nominated.

Video Blogger

If the sim dreams of becoming a better blogger, then:

  • Pump up the media production skill to 5th (the last one);
  • Improve the equipment for filming;
  • Interact with the audience;
  • Host streamers to increase your popularity;
  • Follow trends and make relevant videos;
  • Publish your footage on time;
  • Edit and combine videos from different perspectives;
  • Use potions to stay in a certain state (inspiration, excitement).

Perfect quality clips give you a 40% chance of being nominated.

Writer of Books.

In order for a writer to receive the Starlight Prize in Sims 4 he must:

  • Practice writing until you reach level 10;
  • Write every day;
  • Create in an inspired and attentive state (potions will help);
  • Write bestsellers.

Bestsellers in the genres of science fiction, biography, fantasy, mystery, and emotional works give you a 50 to 60 percent chance of being nominated.

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