Unfulfilled Dreams Fear in The Sims 4: how it appears and how to get rid of it

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In The Sims 4, the system of whims was implemented rather sparingly and did not have its own features. However, the developers with the update 1.90.358 added a full system of fears and desires.

Thanks to this Sims life has become full of different types of desires, life hardships, and fears. One of these fears has become a Sims 4 fear of unfulfilled desires.

How does it appear in the Sims

With the new update appeared three types of desires:

  • Long-term – it is quite difficult to perform, but the reward for their implementation is worthwhile.
    Short-term – have low difficulty and deadline, but the reward for them is scarcer than for the long-term.
  • Spontaneous – they appear at any moment of time, being a reaction to external stimuli. For example, if a character has a low level of communication, then his/her spontaneous decision will be to go talk to another sim either in person or on social networks.
  • Aspirations are formed on the basis of a life goal, social circle, character, or environment, and cannot be gotten rid of without some cheat code. However, with the emergence of such aspirations have also begun to develop fears arising from the unfulfilled fulfillment of certain desires.

Fear of unfulfilled desires in Sims 4: how it appears and is removedFear of unfulfilled desires appears due to non-fulfillment of their whims over a long period of time. Usually occurs after three days or more. An icon in the form of overcast clouds will appear.

When experiencing this feeling, the character feels helpless and dissatisfied with life, as it is not moving in the right direction.

How to Get Rid of the Unfulfilled Dreams Fear

Fear can not only be avoided but also overcome. So, you can take away the fear of unfulfilled wishes in five ways:

  1. Execute. Sims can rid themselves of the fear of unfulfilled desires by simply fulfilling their wish.
  2. Discuss the fear with other Sims. Delivering the character from the negative effects of muzzles can help sensible attention from other sims. To do this, simply go to any Persian, which has a relationship with you above friendly, and select the item “Discuss the fear. After the conversation, your character will experience a sense of lightness, relieving himself of a heavy mental burden.
  3. Give a fear-reducing potion. To do this, you must reach level 5 of alchemy and prepare a serenity potion. It removes all emotional problems and is made with just potatoes and possession. Available only when the World of Magic add-on is installed.
  4. Disable desires and fears. You can do this by going to the “Settings” section. There choose the “Game” field and uncheck the “Show wishes and fears”.
  5. Download the mod. To do this, download the mod “Getting rid of your fears” and apply it to the mod scenarios in settings. Now all that is required is to go to the mirror and rid yourself of all fears.
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