What to do in Sims 4 when you’re bored: ideas for diversifying the game

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Sims 4 has been around for years and it hasn’t stopped making new additions that bring many new mechanics. But there are times when all the add-ons are boring and you don’t know what to do to entertain yourself.

Especially for sim-gourmets, we thought about what interesting things you can do in Sims 4 and prepared a list of the most complete ideas for the game that won’t be boring.

Complete the Challenges

It’s no secret that many players are doing Challenges. Someone is trying to have 100 children, someone creates some fat characters, and then put on a diet and make exhausting exercise to lose weight.

There are so many of these shuttles, so you have a huge selection of challenges for all tastes and colours.

Help to diversify the game in Sims 4 with the following Challenges:

  1. Tutor. 1 Sim and 7 children.
  2. Black Widow. Set up the deaths of as many of their spouses as possible.
  3. Dynasty. Sim must produce 10 generations of offspring.
  4. Own bakery.
  5. Homelessness. Put a Sim in the smallest plot with no house or money and try to survive.
  6. Animal dynasty. Same as chi with humans, but you must raise at least 10 generations of pets.
  7. 100 kids. One character.
  8. Trash. Money for zero, survive only by what we find in the trash near the house (you need Eco Lifestyle add-on).
  9. Elder brother or sister. Living together only with a little brother or sister and trying to meet the life goal of a Happy Family).

Make up a storyline

Sometimes Sims 4 lacks a storyline, so become a director for your game. Create a family or one character, with which you give your clearly defined story.

For example, diversify the game in Sims 4 by creating a Sim who is just starting his career as a singer, and developing a love line with his colleague. But by coincidence (and plot) you can’t combine love and career. What will you choose: a successful career in show business or the love of your life?

Use mods

There’s plenty of additional content on the internet to add realism and variety to the Sims. Mods sometimes make gameplay easier with their functionality and a wide range of commands you can use.

Below is just a small fraction of the mods that can add interesting features to Sims 4 and make the process more fun and intriguing:

  1. The most extensive and basic mod is “MC COMMAND CENTER”. With it, you can control both playable and non-playable characters, and change their appearance and character traits. It adds story elements to the gameplay as well as even more new and varied content.
  2. The Become a Sorcerer mod allows you to create a sorcerer who controls the will of other Persians. In addition, he can teleport anywhere on the map, establishing a magical connection with the sims of your town. Whether to become a light wizard or an evil wizard is up to you!
  3. “GENDER PREFERENCE allows you to fully customize your Sim’s sexual preference, as well as providing new buffs that affect the mood of the Persian.
  4. The “Cats and Dogs” add-on does not give you full control over your pets. The “Playable Pets” mod allows you to do so.

Turn on full free will

Have you ever tried letting your characters have free rein by watching them do things without your interference? At that point, the Sims get to live their lives and do as they please. So if you’re looking for something to do in Sims 4, just watch how they live their lives.

Transpose the real life

Create yourself and your family. Get them a job, build a house and manage your loved ones in the game, trying to match your real life as closely as possible.

Build your own city

The basic version of the game had an empty city called Newcrest. If you think you can do interesting things in Sims 4 – build it with your buildings and settle their sims. Then you can watch your personal city flourish.

Unlock the mystery of StrangerVille

In the add-on “Strangerville” the developers added a storyline, along which you can learn all the secrets of this mysterious city. It will be interesting because along the way there will be a lot of dangerous and exciting challenges waiting for the sim.

Produce your own TV series

Take inspiration from movies and TV series from fellow youtubers and create your own trailer with a challenging and engaging storyline.

Meet aliens and visit their planet

In the add-on “Go to Work” you can leave your home planet and travel to new lands. To do so, you can become a level 10 rocket scientist and upgrade your rocket ship with a wormhole generator.

You will be given the opportunity to visit the planet Siksim. It contains metals and minerals not found on Earth, as well as a variety of alien species and content.

Change the Lifespan

Change the course of the game by increasing or decreasing the lifespan of the characters. Play a short life and you will have to make extremely quick decisions, get married quickly, find a job and have children.

Conversely, with a long life, you’ll have more time to make decisions and the stages of a character’s life will change more slowly, allowing you to try out all the mechanics that are available in this period.

Collect all available collections

Did you know that The Sims 4 has many collections to fill? Players rarely do, and many don’t even know they exist.

Collect collections by earning commemorative icons, which can then be hung up in a room created for them.

Play as the enemy of the world

You can diversify the game in Sims 4 by making enemies of every townie and then seeing where it goes.

Create a super Sim

Many players, due to the vastness of the Sims gameplay, are unable to try out all of the game’s features. Create a super sim who will have to:

  • Try himself or herself in every career,
  • Pummel each skill to its maximum level,
  • Visit every available city and more.

You’ll see just how much fun Sims 4 can be as you try out new roles and explore new areas of the game’s universe.

Play from a first-person perspective

The next option, what to do in Sims 4 if you’re bored, is to explore the world through the eyes of your Sims. A good option, for those who want to get even closer to the characters’ lives.

To do this, press the Shift + Tab key combination.

This function allows you to play in the first person and switch freely between family members.

Visit places of interest

The Sims 4 is well known for providing players with many hidden areas in their cities. The forest clearing, the forgotten grotto, and many other locations will be a source of new positive emotions for you.

You’ll be able to capture the ones you particularly like on your phones and cameras.

Play as your standard Sims

In Sims, you don’t have to create your own families and storylines to have a good time. The game has dozens of ready-made families with their own relationships, careers, and aspirations that can guide gameplay in ways you never would have thought possible before.

You can play interesting games in Sims 4, for example, as Johnny Zest, who lives in Oasis Springs. He aims to become a famous comedian, and because of this, he dropped out of school, fell out with his parents, and now lives alone in a trailer.

Learn the secret of the mysterious hermit

There are plenty of great clues and hidden characters that you can only uncover by fulfilling certain conditions. For example, deep in the forest of Granite Falls, a lonely hermit lives among his plants in a wooden house. Only the most determined hikers and herbalists can sneak through the Granite Falls shrubbery and stumble upon his abode.

Meeting the hermit is important for Persians who aspire to become professionals in the art of gardening and growing herbs.

To learn all his secrets, you need to establish a friendly relationship with the character, which is quite difficult to do.

Create the one you hate

You can make a Sim in Sims 4 based on all of your negative life experiences. Choose his appearance, which is disgusting, infuriating character traits, and then try to play as him.

Whether you make him better or make his life worse is up to you.

Break up married couples

Create a Sim with a carefully crafted character, settle him in a house and then start “stealing” married or married Persians from the family. Observe how quickly other Sims are ready to break up a marriage for a young hottie or handsome man.

Make your Sim addicted to grilled cheese

Life goals are game mechanics that give the direction of the character in one area or another. If you want to diversify the game in Sims 4 and make fulfilling the goals more challenging, feed your Sim three plates of fried cheese in a row.

After a while, you’ll start to notice how the Sims become obsessed with this dish. All they will think and talk about is grilled cheese, all their actions will be related to it.

Try the life goal now and see how hard it is to cure the “cheese” addiction of the Sims and get them to do things.

Bottom line

This is just a small amount of ideas and interesting possibilities for Sims 4 to help diversify the gameplay. If you want something unusual, you can implement these ideas one by one or combine them. Plunge your characters into a real adventure.

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