Where are all Graveyards In Sims 4: where to find plots and how to make your own

Sims 4

Since Sims 4 is a magical real-world simulation, death is a natural part of the game. Sims, whether they are humans, mermaids, werewolves, vampires or pets can pass away. Some become ghosts and some end up in a graveyard.

Currently there are only two working cemeteries in Sims 4. One is from the Cats and Dogs add-on, and the other is from Snowy Plains.

Beginning with the first and second parts, players could build them in areas near their homes, but in the “four” such an opportunity was removed.

The third cemetery in Sims 4 is in Forgotten Hollow (added with the “Vampires” add-on). Unfortunately, the characters can’t interact with it in any way. If that’s the goal, you’ll either have to install other add-ons or a special mod.

Mechanics of death

The mechanics of death in Sims 4 are quite simple: after various circumstances have caused the death of a character, a reaper appears with a scythe in his hands. He moves the soul of the Sim that left the body and then removes it with the ghost.

The scene is left behind:

  • an urn if the sim died in the house,
  • a gravestone if the Persian died in the street.

If you had a good relationship with the character during his lifetime, you can contact him by phone and even resurrect him.

Regardless of where place the urn and tombstone in your luggage and then place it in the location or cemetery in Sims 4, as you see fit.

The type of tombstone will depend on the character’s race, a vampire has one, a human or alien has their own.

On the island of Deadgrass

The Deadgrass Island Cemetery in Sims 4 is the first one you can visit in the game. It is located in the Brindleton Bay location and appeared with the Cats and Dogs add-on. It’s tucked away between the trees, so it may not be immediately noticeable.


  • The cemetery is small and looks quite old.
  • The tombstones have only the names of the pets that have died.
  • Ghost pets can be found here, in particular, a dog named “Captain Whitaker”. His grave and tombstone are in the center of this location.

Senbamachi area

This is the second cemetery in Sims 4 that you can visit. It was added along with the Snowy Plains add-on. It is located in the world of Senbamachi in the Komorebi mountains.


  • It is much smaller than the one on Deadgrass Island and is located near the road. It is only enclosed by a low wall.
  • This is where the characters can mourn the deaths of relatives and close friends.
  • The game mechanics do not allow for the reading of inscriptions on tombstones.
  • Characters visiting this cemetery may encounter forest spirits.

How to make your own: a mod

The Graveyard Plot mod adds a new plot, which you can find in the construction menu.

Features of the mod:

  • By visiting this site a character can encounter various mystical things, depending on their character traits.
  • There is a choice of grave or urn, as well as the ability to interact with graves.
  • You’ll be able to reminisce about old times, ask for advice or tell dead sims about your life.

The cemetery is looked after by a custodian, who sells various items for the graves and keeps the area clean.

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